Saab at the 2010 Geneva Motor Show

The Geneva Motor Show will open to the press on Tuesday of this week (Oh, how I wish I could have stayed in Europe!) and yes, Saab will be there.
I’m not sure they’ll be there in the manner that the Geneva website professes, however.
On the Geneva website, there is a page saying ‘Saab Concept Car’. I’m not so sure. When I first asked about the Geneva show during my recent visit to Sweden, people were a little bit cagey about answering. Towards the end of my visit, however, I did hear that Saab will be making a presentation at the show.
Why is this significant? This is how it was explained to me.
Presentations are normally only made by companies with something new to show. A premiere of some sort. The Saab people I spoke to were very pleased that they’d be able to make a presentation to the world press despite not having something new to premiere at the show.
It seems the Geneva people thought that the sale and survival of the company was significant enough to give Saab a press slot.
Never say never. They might have been pulling the wool over my eyes in order to preserve the surprise. If they’ve built a concept car in a year where they’ve had little-to-no money then it’ll show just how resourceful they can be.
We’ll all find out in just a few days.

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