Saab looking to hire 500, and no, I can’t help

The Saab 10-day tour continued yesterday with a visit by VM and JAJ to Paris, where they spoke with French Saab representatives.
While he was there, Victor Muller talked up Saab’s plans to increase production and the resulting need to increase the workforce.

Swedish carmaker Saab is set to boost output sixfold within about two years with the help of an extra 500 workers, the new owners Spyker Cars said in Paris on Wednesday….
….In 2009, the company made 20,000 cars and sold 39,000, drawing in part on stocks. Muller said that inventories were now low. The company intended to produce 120,000 cars a year in 2012, returning to the production level achieved in 2007, and to sell 50,000 to 55,000 cars this year.
The company expected to employ an extra 500 people towards the end of this year, taking the workforce to 4,000. The production capacity at the factory at Trollhattan in the south west of the country would be increased to produce slightly more than 50,000 cars per year.

I’m not sure where they get that 50,000 cars a year figure from. Trollhattan is capable of a capacity far in excess of that that already, but anyway…..
I’ve been getting around 15 emails a week from various people asking me to hook them up with someone at Saab to whom they can write seeking discussion about one opportunity or another.
Invariably, my answer has to be that I’m (regretfully) unable to help.
Yes, I do have contacts at Saab and those include people right at the very top of the company. However, those contacts won’t remain contacts for long if I were to send them multiple emails every week from third parties. I have to be very careful in order to treat those contacts with the discretion they deserve.
People who would like to work with Saab will need to contact Saab directly, I’m afraid. The appropriate address to do that via email seems difficult to nail down, which is why I’d look for a phone number to call.

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