Saab O The Week – Saab 99 in Netherlands

One of our regular visitors here at SU, Robert P, recently headed down to take a look at this red 1971 Saab 99 and liked it so much that he bought it on the spot.
It might have helped that one of his companions on the trip was a 99 enthusiast, but still, it looks like he would have needed little prompting – he’s picked up a beauty here.
That companion on the trip was the guy who sent the photo in – G’day Nic – and I thought it was most fitting to become this week’s Saab O The Week.
This photo brought back a lot of memories for me.
I’ve never shown the car here because I never took any photos of it, but my first ever Saab was a 1972 Saab 99E finished in exactly the same colour as this one. I bought it in 1998 or 99. I don’t have any decent photos because it was before the digital camera age and I only had it a short time before my ex-Mrs wrote it off.
I still have the grille with the blue Saab badge hanging on the wall in my garage.
So congratulations, Robert. Enjoy this classic for as long as you can and don’t let my ex-Mrs anywhere near it!

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