Saab O The Week – stripes!

It’s time for another Saab O The Week entry.
This week’s car is owned by Barry L, the organiser of the Memphis Saab Support Convoy. I’ll let Barry tell the story…..
This 2009 Saab 9-3 Aero convertible marks my fourth Saab, which began with a 1997 900 SE convertible. I have owned nothing but Saab automobiles since then. I must admit that yellow was not my first choice, but a great sales effort and a great “deal” on the car by the General Manager of Saab of Memphis convinced me to ‘do the deal’. My only stipulation was that the car had to have a racing stripe, something I had never seen on a Saab, but wanted to give a try.
When it arrived from the shop with striping, even non-Saabist’s took note of this car. And while I realize it is sacrilege to most Saab owners to even put a pinstripe on a Saab, I am happy with the look and the very professional job done in very fine detail (badges properly outlined, grille integration without compromising the ‘flow’ of the striping, etc.). It actually makes the vehicle look completely different, and accentuates, by virtue of the striping going all the way down both front and rear bumpers, the black lower fascia at each end.
I had and still have a passion for Saab that I have never shared with any other brand that I have owned, which includes BMW, Lexus, Mazda and others. In 2005, I joined Saab of Memphis as a salesman and am proud to say that I have continued in that capacity to this day.
After following events around the world, mainly through the very trustworthy Saabs United website, I decided that Memphis and Mid-South area Saab owners and enthusiasts should have an opportunity to demonstrate OUR passion for the brand and desire to see it live on, therefore I organized the Memphis Save Saab Convoy (which subsequently became the Memphis/Mid-South Area Saab Independence Day Rally).
This car was the ‘lead’ car of that Rally, and these photos were taken just prior to arrival of the other participants of the Memphis/Mid-South Rally on February 7, 2010.
Thank you for the opportunity to share my ‘story’ with you, and thanks to all Saab owners and enthusiasts around the world for doing your part to secure the future of the brand!

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