Saab Support Convoy – Scotland

This is one I didn’t get much info on at the time but I’ve received a whole bagful since and wanted to share it here on site – these convoys should all be recognised, ya know.
The Scots got together back on February 21, just days before the deal with Spyker was finalised in Stockholm. It was a relatively sunny winter’s day there, a little icy, but that didn’t deter these Saab fans from celebrating the imminent deal.
Kevin A has sent through an account of the day, as submitted to DRIVER, the Saab Owners Club Magazine.

The Scots are people of many opposites. Historically we are slow to react to major events preferring to go with the flow and solve our problems over a nice cup of tea. On the other hand we are accredited with pioneering many things.
So it should be no surprise that by the time we had arranged a date that was suitable to have a “Scottish Save Saab Convoy” news was breaking that the Spyker deal was going ahead. That’s right, we had, possibly, the first “Saab is Saved Convoy”.
Scottish SOS Convoy.jpg
The event was organised through the UKSaabs website where there are a growing group of regular faces at Scottish events. Initially there were many different suggestions as to what was the most suitable day. Sunday the 21st February was chosen as it tied in with the Knockhill Racing Circuit Track day that two of our regulars were attending.
There was quite a stir at the Wallace Monument in Stirling as an entire section of the car park was taken up by Saabs. After a brief ” hello” and ” welcome everyone” it was time to head north to Callander and to the shores of a frozen loch Venechar for morning coffee.
Scottish SOS Scenery.jpg
With snow on the hill tops and bright sunny blue skies the roads around the Trossachs National Park could not have been more picturesque. There was still plenty of ice on the shaded sections of road so we did all need to keep our wits about us. At the Lochs end we stopped for a group photo in the car park for Ben Venue. This also provided a convenient “lose your roof” stop for the convertibles.
From here it was up and over the Dukes Pass and then down into Aberfoyle. Those that knew the road were clearly enjoying the twists and turns in spirited fashion while others were trying to take in the magnificent scenery. Hopefully we can return to the Dukes Pass during the summer and enjoy a barbeque along the seven mile forest drive that’s hidden near the summit of the pass.
From Aberfoyle we headed East to the Kingdom of Fife to Scotland’s official race circuit, Knockhill.
Despite heavy snowfall and last minute mechanical difficulties, Magoo and MorganAutos had brought their 300bhp 9000s to show just what a Saab can do. Although they weren’t the fastest cars on the track they certainly left an impression on a number of the smaller and lighter cars as the two turbos pushed effortlessly past most others on the uphill straight.
As the sun set it was time to exchange farewells and make our journeys home, each with a smile and a home baked cup cake.
A special thank you to all involved including those who couldn’t make it on the day.
Kev and George have made this wonderful video of “Saab Saved Celebration”.

It was a day of optimism and good laughs. There were friendships formed and strengthened as a group of people ranging from those just starting school to those enjoying retirement all enjoyed each others company in something that can only be described as “that spirit of Saab”.
Scottish SOS Group 2.jpg

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