Saab Survey at Auto Motor and Sport

RE-Posted as I’d love AMS to gather as many responses as possible.
logo_ams.jpg My mates over at Auto Motor and Sport have set up a Saab survey and I’d love for you to head on over there and complete it.
There have been a number of surveys in Swedish magazines and media about Saab but they’ve mostly been in Swedish. This one is especially for non-Swedish speakers and is written in English.
The rationale:
Saab are seen as everyday cars in Sweden. Your average Sven or Frida don’t view Saab in the same way as many of us outside Sweden view Saab. For that reason, AMS want to gather the viewpoints of people outside their normal Swedish readership and compare them to previous surveys done just with locals.
I’ve helped AMS put the survey together with a little bit of editing and a few questions as well. Full results will be made available after the survey period is complete.
So please head on over to the AMS introductory page and get started. It’s only around 15 questions long and completely anonymous.

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