Saabs United New York is online!!

UPDATE: The press day is today, so check it all out.
Includes a new LIVE area, which should hopefully capture the Saab press conference.
This is embarrassingly good.
By that, I mean it’s really freaking good for you and embarrassing for me. Let me explain.
Jeff, he of the incredibly good Saab design photoshop images, will be attending the New York Auto Show as your Saabs United reporter, covering all the ins and outs of the show and getting to meet some of the Saab movers and shakers.
Jeff’s put together a great little website especially for the event, with some fantastic technology built right in.
Check out Saabs United NY
Basically, the whole site is arranged through Jeff’s MobileMe account so when he takes a photo and uploads it via his phone, the image will appear on the website straight away. Same with Youtube movies he shoots of press conferences, etc.
As soon as he’s done processing it, you’ll be able to see it on Saabs United NY.
Jeff’s just taken this game up a few notches and I’m completely blown away by what he’s put together here. Heck, I’m basically running the same software I was using back in February 2005, which is why it’s somewhat embarrassing. I gotta get me some geek lotion or something, as this is just awesome.
Bookmark it. The press day for the New York Auto Show is March 31st (tomorrow) so make sure you check in. I’ll be doing regular updates here as well as material comes to hand.

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