Saturday Snippets – Saab 9-5 pricing for Switzerland

Swiss Saab 9-5 pricing is available here.


Again, not all these models are available immediately. It seems many variations will be held over until MY2011.


As mentioned yesterday, it’s my understanding that full production of new vehicles at the Saab plant in Trollhattan is scheduled to begin on March 22. That’s from speaking with people at Saab.

There’s a lot to do to prepare the factory for that, however, and it seems work is well underway.

From Swedish Radio

The work in the body shop at Saab in Trollhättan is in full swing and later in the spring it may be necessary to recruit more people, says the prospective club chairman Håkan Skött on IF Metall’s homepage.

– It is good that we are finally running again, says Håkan Skött on the website. The break has been long and there will be a special restart, with everything starting from scratch. We need to get started and fill all the feeds again.

There is a slight concern that all the material will not arrive in time, but the company does everything it can solve all such problems.

According to Håkan Skött, Saab is going to produce about 100 cars per day. But it is still going to be 28-speed which means 28 cars produced per hour, so the production stops during the day for not producing too many cars.

– In week 16 we will start with 28-speed, which is what we are manned to cope with. [translator’s note: probably this means full 28-speed since it was 28-speed before too.]

The company’s plans is based on that it will increase the production speed at more than one occasion during the year. Today Håkan Skött does not want to say when it might happen, only that it will be “later on”.

– But I can say that at first we probably will have the greatest recruitment needs in the body shop, so it is likely that the first recruitments will be there, when the time comes.

Thanks to Johan for the translation!


There’s a good story about Subaru and customer loyalty at USA Today.

Comparisons between Saab and Subaru are not new and it seems Suuby definitely have a similar clientele, with similar loyalty levels.

Of course, Subaru also have actual sales, which is what Saab are going to have to regain.


Volvos are not the safest cars in the world.

That’s the conclusion of a Swedish court in a case bought against Volvo by …… wait for it…..


Volvo ran some ads in 2009 claiming that their XC60 was the safest car in the world but in Sweden, you’ve got to be able to verify any claims you make in advertising and the judge concluded that Volvo couldn’t adequately back that up.

Toyota couldn’t back it up, either, but they could drive it forward relentlessly……..

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