Some GB sales and Re:Bjorn feedback

I’ve just heard some very encouraging news from England.
As you might recall, Saab GB launched a sales campaign called Re:Bjorn to celebrate Saab being sold to Spyker. The campaign started on Friday and finished yesterday (Monday).
I received some feedback about the event from Rob at Beechwood Saab:

Fri & Sat were much slower than we expected, particularly after the efforts we had put in, namely :

  • Lots of National & Regional Press coverage
  • Lots of National & Regional Radio coverage
  • 2,700 letters sent to our customer database
  • Dressing up the showroom & the outside sale promotional equipment
  • Champagne / Bucks Fizz on Ice
  • Individual drinks for the children
  • Food, inc individual “menu’s” for the kids
  • Balloons & Party bags for all the kids that came in
  • Wine tasting from local business
  • Cup cakes stand from local business
  • Fully paid up English breakfast / Bap for punters that arrived before 11am each day
  • Lots of staff running round to ensure no one was left unattended & were plied with copious amounts of alcohol (if not driving of course!)

But Sunday & Monday were REALLY busy & we ended up with doing a total of 10 sales (including 3 new cars – something we’d almost forgotten how to do!), which we were really pleased with. And to be honest, there is still half a dozen who could still end up buying this week.
So all in all really pleased !!

That’s an outstanding result!
It seems the campaign has done it’s thing and here’s hoping it’s created some momentum now that Saab are sold.
Some other news that I just heard, (need to confirm with the source just to be sure as it’s quite amazing….)
There had been 211 Saab sales in the UK in the first two months of 2010.
So far in March (i.e. yesterday) there have been 83 Saab sales. I’d say that the combination of a positive future, new plates issued 1/3/10 and the Re:Bjorn campaign has worked OK.

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