SpykerOwner.com congratulate Spyker on Saab acquisition

Did you know we have a brother community out there on the interwebs?

SpykerOwner.com is a Spyker enthusiast site, and of course, they have a number of Spyker Owners present in their community.

Hans is the founder and owner of the site (the SpykerOwner owner, you could say) and whilst he doesn’t have a Spyker himself (yet) he does have one in the family – owned by his brother – and he lives pretty close to the Spyker facility in Zeewolde.

Following the Saab acquisition, the members of SpykerOwner.com whipped the hat around and Hans and his friend ‘Dutchdude’ ventured down to Zeewolde to present Victor Muller with this bottle of Moet in celebration of the occasion.

Click to enlarge.


And yes, that’s one heck of a piece of office furniture!!!

A very nice gesture by the SpykerOwner guys. Well done.

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