Sunday Night Quick Snippets – Electric Saabs Edition

Hey all,

It’s a long weekend here this weekend. And it’s a hot one here in Tassie.

Whilst we’ve been baking under blue skies, Melbourne – just a few hundred kilometers north of us – has had storms like you wouldn’t believe. One of our regulars, Mike900, works not far from a big BMW dealership in the city. He went down to take a look at their forecourt last night and everything there was hail damaged (10cm diameter hailstones, too).



I guess I better get this on site as I’ve got a lot of email about it.

Saab’s head of Tech Development has been talking with Swedish Radio about electric cars. Specifically, about electric Saabs. If the Googletrans is correct, then Saab could be aiming to have electric technology available by the end of the year (?!)

Must be in the forefront of electric cars

Saab has come so far with its plans to manufacture a car that runs on electricity that it will start selling electric cars in one year.

– You will see hele-electric Saabs go out to the customer in December, “said Mats Fägerhag is technical director at Saab in Trollhattan.

Car manufacturers around the world focusing really hard to get the full electric cars. At the Geneva Motor Show, many brands and other companies that showed up their electric cars they were planning to launch within a few years.

But Saab is thus at once to get the electric cars already at the end of the year, although it remains to be done:

– We are lagging behind, I have known for a long time, “says Mats Fägerhag, but we are very fast so within a year we will be in the forefront.

But the foundation has been in the electric vehicle architecture driven by Innovatum in Trollhattan Saab, but that had more fingers in the pie than previously wanted to tell you:

– The elsaaben we were all very much behind But while we were out-owned GM, we had to be careful to tell us what we should invest in because it would be in line with the company’s other strategies. Going to a different degree of electrification we believe is a necessity, but since it is the question of how to do it, “says Mats Fägerhag.

I might have to send some emails out about this. When he says they’ll go out to customers in December, does that mean they’ll be available for sale, or they’ll send a bunch out to selected customers for field trials?

It’d certainly be another rabbit out of a hat if they could go electric so quickly. There has, of course, been the True Electric joint venture, but I didn’t think that was so close to being ready for public consumption. They were planning on producing 100 cars that would be distributed to corporate and municipal lessees in Sweden (with maybe a few in the US).

It’ll be interesting to see how this turns out.


I’ve spent a good part of this evening wading through all the styling variables for the SU Forum. There are a lot of them!

Click that link and scroll down to the bottom. There you should see a drop down box with “Default Style” written there. Click the drop down and there should be an option for “SU Laser Red”.

It’s my first attempt at Forum theming, so be gentle. I know it needs a new header, but that’ll come in time.

The soft launch continues…..

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