Sunday Night Snippets – crash edition

No. I didn’t crash. But I think I might be ‘crashing’ thanks to a flu passed on by the young bloke.


It’s been a great weekend, though, despite the crashing. Beautiful weather, a great lunch with some friends yesterday and half-decent car show today.

The Shannons Insurance car show is an annual event here in Hobart. Unfortunately, it tends to draw a huge Holden-Ford attendance and little else. It was around 70% domestic this year, with around 15%-20% being imported muscle cars from the US or old vintage stuff that was pre-1950.

That leaves around 10% of the show as being ‘interesting’ for me, with a few Minis, three Ferraris, some Porsches and Jags to keep me looking. I might have to call Shannons and suggest a Euro show in addition to this big one as I know there’s heaps of Euro owners out there that don’t bother with this show.

The most interesting car there today, for me, was this customised V8 Volvo, which really was in incredible condition. Please pardon the crappy cameraphone pics.




Speaking of crashing, though, check out this Pug after some ice fell on it, from a rooftop in Gothenburg.



The other thing that’s kept me of SU this weekend is Stieg Larsson’s The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (published as Män som hatar kvinnor in Sweden).

If you’ve not come across it, look for it in large quantities at almost any airport bookshop anywhere in the world. A few weeks ago I did 10 flights in 7 days and saw it just about everywhere. So I bought it.

It’s the first in a three-book series by a now deceased Swedish author and today, I rushed out and bought the second book. The first was that good.


Enjoy the rest of your weekend…..

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