Swedish pricing for Saab 9-5 emerging

I’ve had a few concurring emails about this overnight…..
Swedish Saab dealers now appear to have pricing available for the new Saab 9-5 and I’m told they can now enter orders into their systems for customers. Check with your local dealer on that one.
To the pricing, then…..
Saab 9-5 pricing Sweden.JPG
For those who like to do direct comparative pricing, the base model Linear comes in at around USD45,000 or GBP29,000 or EUR32,000 or AUD47,000. Of course, such comparisons are pointless because of various taxes and ridiculously low US prices, but still…..
It seems the move from production at Russelsheim to Trolhattan has limited the color palette for 2010, with Fjord Blue being the only color available that isn’t a type of silver, grey or black. It’s my understanding, however, that there is a bit more variety in store for 2011.
There appear to be a number of wheels varying from standard 17-inch (18-inch for Aero) through to 19-inch options. There are also a larger number of trim options than I’m used to seeing, including both cloth and leather trim.
Swedes, it seems your 9-5s are ready to go.

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