The amazing SU Saab design evolution

It all started last week when I posted an article about Lance Cole’s theory on a new small Saab. Lance’s car received plenty of comments and he’s advised me that he’s working on a new version that takes people’s comments on board.
I should thank Lance at this point for having the intestinal fortitude to submit his image for review here. Last time someone did that, well….. let’s just say it wasn’t SU’s finest hour. Therefore, I should also thank all of you for being civil and respectful this time around.
Some time into the comments thread, we saw a few images from other people. Their ideas for a smaller Saab. This theme continued for a considerable time and as suggested by some, it’s now time for these images to occupy a post of their own.
Many thanks to Jeff, who has contributed most of the work here, but thanks to all who posted their ideas in the thread.
I’ve lifted almost all of the images that were posted and I’ll try to get them up here in the correct order. I’ll only post brief notes with them, however. There are around 360 comments on that thread, though, and assuming an average of 30 seconds to read and absorb each one, that’d be three hours reading!
Hopefully the visuals will tell most of the story. It’s great stuff and there’s some fantastic looking vehicles in this collection.
Lance’s initial design idea for a smaller Saab vehicle:
Saab 91s
Brett was the first to chime in with some quick work from PS (with a dodgy mouse)….
And this was quickly followed by a few revisions…..
Next, we saw the beginning of a whole bunch of imagery, suggestion and revision from Jeff and others. Jeff’s work here was pretty phenomenal and it’s fair to say I’d be heading down to my dealer to look very closely at his reverse hockey stick version.
Here we go….
The initial idea is a blend of the Saab 9-X (Biohybrid) and the Saab Aero-X. It works!

With revised tail lights and bumpers….
A shorter version….
And my personal favourite, with the reverse hockey stick….
An angle from the rear….
And a longer wheelbase version…..
Next, Jeff took to Brett’s images and revised them a little…
This one’s a little less stretched….
And maybe a little shorter again….
We had an impromptu appearance from the Ferrari Sonett…. I don’t know who’s originally responsible for this one, but it’s amazingly good looking.
Toby was next to chime in with some sketched ideas….
And he was followed by bk-aero with a front/rear combination….
Jeff came back with some rear-end detail….
Jeff next to BK Aero’s image for a little tweaking….
….to which BK Aero returned serve….
Jeff posted a comparo with the Audi A1 in order to get an idea of size….
Another image from Jeff, incorporating a creased waistline a-la the original Saab 92….
And same again with a slightly different, fixed bumper (I think. I’m getting lost now).
Philip joined us with some commentary on the sketches….
Some more evolutions from Jeff….
Playing once again…..
Comparison with the Honda CRZ….
Nice plate….. 🙂
Finally, one with a bit more of a sloping back….
And some more comments from Philip….
It’s an awesome body of work from those who contributed.
My personal favourite is the first one with the reverse hockey stick but there’s plenty there to consider and it’s been a great exercise in evolution.
My thanks to all and your feedback would be welcome, I’m sure.

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