Thursday Snippets – The year finally begins edition

2010 finally starts for real.
Football season starts tonight πŸ™‚
Victor Muller has reduced his shareholding in Spyker in accordance with plans laid out a week or so ago, so as to maintain a direct ownership stake at less than 30%. A holding over 30% would have triggered a mandatory buy-out offer.
The excess shares have been sold to “a Cyprus-registered special purpose company” and thus, his holding is now just under 27%.
It all sounds reasonably creative to me, but within the law.
The interesting process of student clay modelling continues…..
Deutsche Welle get all negative:

Swedish carmaker Saab is back in business, making cars again under new management. But some experts worry its reincarnation may end as just another “sob” story…..Last year, Saab sold just under 40,000 cars – less than half of what it sold in 2008. In February, only 97 cars left dealers’ lots in the US, a key market.

Add DW to the list of people/media that we’ll have to write to when Saab start hitting their targets.
Victor Muller counters the negative stuff, via Reuters:

“Nobody sees us as a threat so everybody wants to talk with us,” Muller said. “And there are good chances that we will be supplying our technology to third parties, we’re not going to be just on the demand side of things,” he added.

I was in Melbourne last weekend. I wish I could have stayed for the week and watched the 100 years of Alfa Romeo celebrations in the lead up to the Melbourne Grand Prix……
And on another personal note, the other thing that begins tonight is the Hobart screening season for The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.
Will hopefully get to that in the next week.

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