Tuesday Night Snippets – The view edition

Saab are running another competition similar to the one the ran at the Frankfurt Motor Show last year. They’re asking “What’s your view of Saab?”
Visitors to the Geneva Motor Show are invited to submit a photo of the Saab stand to the Saab Cars Official Facebook page. There are daily competition winners (who score a Sony HCB-108 Bluetooth car-phone peaker) shown on the site – well – daily.
There will also be a winner at the end of the campaign and that person will score a Sony Ericsson Satio™ mobile with car holder and 12-months turn-by-turn navigation.

So, all you Geneva visitors, get snapping and get your photos in. You’ve got to be in it to win it.

I’ve got a good story about that Facebook page coming up soon, too.


Swedes might want to take a look at this interview with Jan-Ake Jonsson at TTELA. It popped up yesterday.

It’s a good insight as to how the great man has coped with what was a real roller-coaster ride of a year.

Non-Swedes can GoogleTrans it, too, though I found the GoogleTrans a bit awkward to read, hence no reproduction of the interview here. But you’ll get the gist of it.


Car and Driver look at Spyker’s plans to expand in the US this year, and globally into the future.

Spyker sold 45 vehicles last year, but are hoping to sell nearly 10 times that amount in around 5 years time.


I’d like to thank everyone, once again, who participated in the Support a Saab Blogger effort earlier this month.

As a way of providing some feedback, I’d just like to let you know that after buying all the doggie treats in the store 🙂 I went and ordered one of these to make for some nice in-car video some time in the future.

The samples page is pretty impressive if you’ve got the time and the bandwidth.

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