Tuesday Snippets – Thankyou edition

I just wanted to post a quick but very sincere thankyou to everyone who contributed to the Support a Saab Blogger effort earlier today.
Your kindness and support is much appreciated, by both me and the dog πŸ™‚
I’m pleased to let you know that the forum software has now been loaded up on the interwebs. I’m currently battling my way through the setup of categories and the design. Hopefully it should be up and running soon.
Any suggestions for broad category areas would be welcome. It’s going to be your forum, after all.
Look what else was making its way to Geneva yesterday…..
That’s one of the display cars put together by Hirsch Performance and geex, it looks good.
And check out all the stuff that goes into making a fully Hirsched Saab. Cool.
Speaking of Geneva, here are a few of the more interesting cars that’ll be showing there that don’t wear Saab badges:
Alfa Romeo Giulietta
It’s a non-secret around here that I also have a love affair with Alfa Romeo and this new Giulietta is an absolute stunner. The 8C Competizione styling suits the bigger body of the Giulietta much better than it does the MiTo.
I love the way it looks in white, but it’s an Alfa: Show me one in red, please. If Saab can build a 9-1 with even half as much horn then I’ll be a very happy camper.
It’s not all just about good looks, though. The Guili QV uses Alfa’s new MultiAir engine, bringing back the mystical 1750 moniker with a turbocharged engine that puts out 235hp and 340Nm of torque. Them’s Viggen numbers from an engine only 75% of the size, which shows you how far engine tech has come in recent years.

Koenigsegg Agera
I think I’ll always have an affection and appreciation for CvK’s work after his fling with Saab and I really hope the two companies can work together on some projects in the future.
Koenigsegg are showing their latest vehicle, the Agera, at the Geneva Motor Show.
The Agera follows the lines of the original Koenigsegg CC and plans are that they will eventually build it alongside the CCX and the CCX-R. It’s part of the continual evolution of Koenigsegg design and features new tyres developed especially for the Agera in partnership with Michelin, a new adjustable ABS braking system, a world-leading traction control system as well as Koenigsegg’s new interior lighting system called ‘Ghostlight’.
Hit this link to see some animated video of the Agera in action. It’s worth it just for the exhaust note on start-up!!
Congratulations to Koenigsegg on another fine creation.

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