US Auto Show News

The Saab 9-5 has recently been on show at the Minneapolis Auto Show, in Minnesota.
I received some email from Peter B, who described the car as ‘outstanding’ but unfortunately for him, the car was locked during his visit and couldn’t poke around inside.
Matt G also attended the show recently and has posted some images from the show on Flickr.
They must have a few of those ‘sets’ for use at Auto Shows. It’s a very attractive setting.
The New York Auto Show is coming up and look at what’s made it on to the front page of the website!
That’s a nice coup for Spyker!
One of our regulars here at SU, Jeff, will be attending the New York show on SU’s behalf and reporting back on what sees and hears there.
Hopefully there will be some good executive representation there for Jeff to talk to.

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