Victor Muller speaks (a little) on the future of Saab

This is not concerned with future models, so much. More like the corporate future of the company.
The article is over at TTELA and I’ve summarised the salient points below.

  • Geneva is to be the kickstart that the new Saab needs.
  • VM has a 100 day plan with a number of milestones along the way.
  • VM says both he and Saab face challenges but there are also great opportunities available now.
  • He summarises what I’ve already called the bargain of the century. $74 million dollars up front for a car company with several billion dollars worth of development in the can. In fact, someone in Stockholm said to me, last week, that Spyker has bought an entire fully functional car company with all-new models for the price of one-and-a-half wind tunnels.
  • Expectations are for 50-60,000 sales this year, going up to 100,000 in 2012.
  • He seems to be looking to decide on the listing of the new company in Stockholm and London in the next 60 days. Sweden and England are two of the biggest markets for Saab so it makes little sense to remain listed in Holland.
  • VM would like to see Vladimir Antonov involved again some day, asking where are the facts behind the claims? He says he looked into Antonov personally in 2007 and was satisfied with what he saw.
  • He’s looking for new board members to join himself, Kristina Geers, Jan-Ake Jonsson and Saab union leaders.
  • Jan-Ake runs the company operations. VM oversees the entrepreneurial side of things.

More great work from Magnus at TTELA.

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