‘Viggen’ to become a tuning arm of Saab?

There’s one review that’s doing the rounds of some of the bigger magazines. We first saw it thanks to Edmunds Inside Line just over a week ago. It appeared in Winding Road earlier this week and now, it’s in Auto Express.
The review was written by a guy named Matt Davis and it seems he’s sold the story to various publications with the right given to them to edit it and change it around so it appears a little different each time.
The interesting thing about this latest iteration is the following, which I don’t recall from previous publications:

Already, there’s virtually no turbo lag when you plant your right foot – something that’s set to improve further when a twin-turbo version prepared by Saab tuning arm Viggen goes on sale. “The Viggen name should play a significant role in Saab’s future,” Muller said.

VignTop92.jpg Now, I do recall the Viggen being mentioned in regard to the 9-5 in the Inside Line article, but I don’t recall the Viggen name being regarded as the future tuning arm of Saab.
Not that I’d be disappointed to see more of the Viggen. I think the Viggen badge has heaps of currency amongst the Saab faithful and I’m overjoyed at the prospect of some mad machinery with the bumble-bee triangle on it.
But will there only be a Saab 9-5 Viggen, or a whole Viggen line through the Saab range?

There will also be a high-performance Viggen version of each new model.


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