Wednesday Night Snippets

Posting is slow at the moment and will continue that way for the rest of the week, most likely.

This week is one of the few crunch times I have in my day job so it’s been flat out there. And trying to kick off a forum during such a week probably wasn’t a great idea.

By the way, the Reader’s Rides section of the new forum is blazing! Thanks to all who’ve visited the forum and left suggestions, too. I’ll be getting to most of those in near-mid term but right now it’s a mix of work, work, more work, family and blog.

I will set out more instructions, do more formatting, enable avatars (!) and a few other things as time permits.


Jan-Ake Jonsson:

Saab will continue to reduce the CO2 of its small-capacity turbocharged petrol and diesel engines by ‘utilising the electrical technology available, including stop-start systems,’ he says. There will continue to be a strong focus on biofuel engines, particularly for the domestic market.

I really need to see and drive one of these electrified vehicles because I find it so hard to get excited about them ‘on paper’.

Call me simple, but I just want to have fun driving!


Call me simple – again – but I’d also really like to see something indicative of how Saab are going to use the internet now on their internet sites.

I know it’s only been a week, but the Newsroom hasn’t done anything different after-GM than what it did before-GM.

No big address or other attempt to reach out.

Maybe I need to go to bed. I just want them to do something.


Have you checked out the Saab Tech Wiki?

You’re probably familiar with a Wiki, like Wikipedia, etc. This one’s for Saab technical information, but in terms that most of us can understand.

I had a brief flick around the 9-3 section and it’s pretty good, with heaps of small repair info accompanied by clear photos and labels.

It looks like a good project. Well done to Matt and his team.


I’d like to introduce you – again – to a lovely redhead named Giulietta. This is she, looking resplendent under the lights of the Geneva show.

Now if someone would just get that hag in the dress out of the way…..



One of my recent past-times – previously reported here on SU but continuing – is to watch the evolution of Saaby work by young design student, Sven Carlsson.

The latest……

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