Wednesday Snippets – Saab listing edition

A question, via comments today:

I was wondering if you can or have been keeping track of if/when Saab-Spyker stock will be listed, on what exchange and how much per share? Not sure about other Saab followers but I’d like to buy some stock.

And an answer (of sorts) via the New York Times:

Victor Muller, chief executive of Spyker Cars, the Dutch sports car maker that arranged to buy Saab from General Motors this year, said he hoped to list the company within a year, a Swedish newspaper reported Tuesday.
Mr. Muller, visiting a Saab factory that opened Monday after long uncertainty about the fate of the former G.M. unit, said that Saab would go public in Stockholm, London, or on both exchanges, Dagens Industri reported.

And whilst we’re quoting from big publications, here’s a snippet from the Wall Street Journal:

A fresh shipment of Saab cars, the first in nine months, will begin arriving at U.S. dealerships next week as the company starts anew under the ownership of Spyker Cars NV of the Netherlands.

I don’t have access to the full story, but those who do can find it here.
When someone adopts the username Saab 93B For Sale on Flickr, you can assume there’s a Saab 93B for sale somewhere in the world. I’m not sure where, but lovers of these old strokers might do well to find out as it sure looks like a pretty clean car.
Inside Line note the mention made of the Saab 9-5 SportCombi being made in 2011.
I think we’ve known that around here for some considerable time, but for those who like a source with a big name, here’s your article.
Some turbocharged Saabs – shock horror – have the misfortune of not having a turbo gauge installed.
BSR have a new turbo gauge available, which looks quite nifty and can switch between 5 different colors so it’ll match different interiors.
And for those who could do with some entertaining reading, the razor sharp Ezra Dyer has you covered.
In his most recent column, Dyer is contemplating a proposition to emulate the success of German carmakers by transforming the US state of Wisconsin into “New Germany”.

Wisconsin is a natural site for our New Germany. According to Wikipedia, which is hardly ever inaccurate, 42.6 percent of Wisconsin’s residents are of German ancestry. Which means that a large segment of the populace is already accustomed to eating schnitzel and listening to Rammstein. And the rest of them will get used to it…..

It’s great writing from Dyer, as always.
I already mentioned I’ve been car hunting recently. Well, after several weeks scouring the online ads all around the country, I think I’ve finally found one – 15 minutes from home.
Warning: It’s not Swedish.
Purchase hasn’t been made yet, but is looking highly likely.

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