You make the news: Geneva Motor Show – Saab press conference

UPDATE III – Live feed 2!!
JAJ speaking.
Nothing new. Upcoming Saabs. Production in Sweden, etc.
Multiple partners getting in touch.
Emphasising agreement with BAIC
Has mentioned ‘fully funded business plan’ a number of times now.
“We decide priorities” now

VM speaking now……..
“It’s a special moment”
“Worth every step. 93 days of 20 hours a day – worth every minute.”
“Now the real work starts”
“Saab is run by its own management”
“Spyker will bring entrepreneurship, tenacity and premium knowledge”
“Saab has been at the forefront of technology and it will be again”
“Grateful to GM”
Just mentioned the convoys 🙂
Without JAJ and his team and their belief in Saab, there would be no Saab today.
UPDATE II – Not sure what’s going on here, but they seemed to go out to lunch when the Saab presser was scheduled. Grrrrrrr

UPDATE – Stig Blomqvist just kicked off the Audi presser, driving up in an Audi Quattro!!!
Saab is scheduled for a press conference at 3:15pm, local time in Geneva.
That’s just over 2 hours away as I write this. I’m busily trying to set up the SU Forum, hence the lack of entries here tonight and I’m going to be pretty busy tomorrow with real-world work stuff, too.
You can watch the press conference live. The schedule for the conferences is listed here. All you need to do is refresh it around the time of the Saab presser and when the “Live” icon is on Saab’s timeslot, you can click, watch and be happy.
Everything we’ve heard so far indicates that it’ll basically be a company promotional, emphasising the new ownership and the fact that Saab are on their way back. There should not be any big surprises.
It’ll be quite late here when that comes on, so I may not see it. If there’s any shock announcements, well……. you know the drill.
The forum is here. As you can see it’s not been prettied up yet and there’s a lot of advisory content that’s not been posted. I’m still learning.
You can have a peek around and register if you like, though.

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