Your Saab Design Team for 2010

Last week, just afte the deal to sell Saab was done, the design team at Saab got together for a celebration and a group photo.
This is them. The people who will be responsible for how your future Saabs will look and feel.
Click to enlarge….
In my interview with Victor Muller yesterday, he indicated that he would involve himself in the design process at Saab. He is, of course, and hands-on guy and the lead designer at Spyker.
There was some concern in comments about this, with commenters hoping that he will allow the designers to do their thing.
I’m not going to get into wedge commentary just for the sake of it, but I think it’s fair to assume that common sense and professionalism will prevail and the best designs will be arrived at, by whatever method.
We’re just over a week into this. Breathe…..

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