2010 Italian national Saab club meeting

OK, after seeing these pictures, I’m now fully prepared to move to Italy!!!
The national Saab club in Italy, called Saabway, hosted an event last weekend that in some ways built upon the great Saab Support Convoy they held earlier this year.
The event started off in Franciacorta – the location of the Italian SSC – where they all whet their automotive appetites at the Franciacorta Go-Kart track.
They had their own mini-SaabWay GP there, before heading off to the big boys track in their Swedish Go-Karts!
Cars went out in groups for 30 minutes at a time. They all a good representation through the years, with all models ranging from the classic Saab 900 to the Turbo X in attendance.
Franciacorta is actually a renowned wine region, so I’m sure they all quenched their thirst to some degree after all that excitement.
After staying overnight at Lake Iseo, they headed off to Colli San Fermo on their own tarmac version of Pike’s Peak.
Scroll down and I’m sure you’ll agree that both the roads and the view justified the efforts!
The Saab community in Italy is a comparatively small, but very dedicated one. When it comes to enthusiast cars, many Italians prefer German brands. It wasn’t always that way, of course, but in more recent times, that’s the way things have turned out.
The SaabWay folks are really optimistic now that Saab have been sold, that ownership by Spyker will see that situation change in coming years.
SaabWay – we see you!
Congratulations on a great meeting in a beautiful part of the world.
Here’s to more great meetings like this amongst Saab clubs of the world in the future.
Now, where’s my passport…….?

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