A few Saab heartwarmers

There’s been a number of heartwarming Saab stories cross my door in the last few days. Strange how these things tend to gather in groups.
I’ve heard from two very happy Saab dealers in the last few days, telling me stories that I’m not allowed to pass on just yet. Both are really pleased with how their particular situations are progressing, though, with one of them saying his team is “as giddy as a bunch of school girls” with developments taking place at his particular dealership.
Hopefully I’ll be able to pass on both stories soon, as they’re both genuinely good.
I got a great note via Google Buzz earlier today, with Tobias A saying he’d just taken delivery of his new 1.8t Saab 9-3 Sport Sedan.
I might be wrong in my personal recollections, but I think that’s the first delivery I’ve heard about since things got re-started at Saab.
That’s fantastic news.
Remember the Saab campaign in Germany that’s being co-ordinated by one of our regulars, Ralf22? It’s called SoonSaab and he’s putting it together with a number of German dealers.
Anyway, he’s just loaded up a photo montage from some of the Saab Support Convoys and it put a huge smile on my face to sit and watch those images all over again.

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