Adrian Hallmark and the Saab challenge

Now this is the spirit I like to see!!

Adrian Hallmark, 47, says he turned down a job from a stable European carmaker to join Saab AB as executive vice president of global sales.
“I had to decide whether I wanted safe and the same thing every day or this — a challenge,” he says.
Few would dispute that Hallmark came to the right place for a challenge.

Hallmark is speaking to Automotive News there and his words are indicative of exactly the sort of person that Saab needs right now.
There’s no doubt that they all face an uphill battle in their quest for success, but they’ve got several things going for them – loyal and eager customers, great new products, great people and a tenacious spirit.
I hope there’s a list of all the nay-sayers on Hallmark’s office wall and they’re the first ones to get the press release when Saab turn a profit.

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