All Saab dealers should have an old Saab

I’ve often thought that if I had a Saab dealership, one of the first things I’d want to do is get a classic Saab in the showroom. I know absolutely nothing about selling cars but to me it seems like a natural conversation starter and an exhibit that shows some connection and appreciation for the roots of the brand.
Being so rare here in Australia, I’d probably go for a Sonett III, but I guess the more natural car to make a connection with people would be a C900 Aero.
I know some dealers have them, but I don’t know why most dealers don’t. Maybe it’s a space issue?
Shaw Saab, in Norwell, MA, have recently taken their restored 1972 Saab 95 out of storage and added it to their showroom, and it looks absolutely magnificent in there. It’s a great link to the past and gives the place a nice splash of colour, too, IMHO.
More photos are availale on their Facebook page.
Click to enlarge.
Fred Shaw restored the car in the mid 1980s and it still runs beautifully. Presents pretty well, too, wouldn’t you agree?

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