Beijing Automotive’s C71 (Saab 9-5)

Late last night, I received a link to this site, showing an image of the Beijing Automotive C71. Unfortunately I coldn’t find ay information on that site confirming that that’s what they want to build, it just showed a name.
Thankfully, this morning, there’s a few more links coming through via email and it certainly does seem to be the car that Beijing Automotive want to build with the 9-5 tooling that they bought from Saab.
From the China Car TImes:

The SUV’s may be cool, but the real star of the line up is the Beijing C71, based on the Saab technology that Beijing Auto acquired from Saab prior to its sale to Spyker cars earlier this year. Powerplants for the above models, aside from the EV, are likely to be Saab units in turbo and naturally aspirated form.

Thanks to Jos and Justyn for the confirming links, and to Jokejoe.

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