Biogas Saab prepared for Swedish Touring Car Championship

Bilsport and AMS are both reporting on a Saab 9-3 being prepared for the next Swedish Touring Car Championship.
This isn’t the first time we’ve heard about this car, however. It’s actually been in development for a few years and was shown at the Saab Museum back in February 2009 with an intent to run in the 2009 STCC series. My guess is that Saab’s uncertain fate in 2009 caused them to hit the brakes on that effort.
Initially running as a Saab BioPower vehicle, the car has now been re-engineered to run on Biogas.
From Auto Motor and Sport (Googletrans):

Now the gas as a propellant entrance Touring Car racing. Saab set up a biogas-powered 9-3 in Gothenburg City Race in June, and tomorrow (Thursday), the racing car is on display at the Gothenburg Motorshow.
“This is a Swedish product of Swedish subcontractors in both software and hardware. The engine was developed in cooperation with Saab Powertrain and BRC Sweden. Saab’s original parts have been used as far as possible”, says Mr Jan Warnestad, coordinator of the Dealer Sports team, based in Karlstad where they developed the concept.
Saab 9-3 Concept Biogas has a two-liter turbo engine which is designed according to the 2000 Super Touring Car and the biogas regulations. It was shown two years ago at Mantorp Park, but then with an ethanol engine. Gas-fueled cars has grown by Dealer Sports to now be ready to run the STCC.
The car is ready to run STCC this year. Dealer Sports, Saab Performance and FordonsGas have a common goal to get it to start already in STCC’s City Race in Gothenburg 4-5 June.

It seems they’re still searching for more funding and support, so anyone in a position to assist should get in touch with them via their website at (in both Swedish and English). After a few setbacks, it’d be great to see them get this car up and ready for the championship this time.
As mentioned in the article linked, above, the car will be on display at the Gothenburg Auto Show from tomorrow.
There is also video of a testing lap. Looks quick!

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