Brit wins Sales Manager of the Year – and quote award as well!

Congratulations to Graham Maton, Sales Manager at Southampton Saab in England, on his recent achievement, being named National Saab Sales Manager of the Year.

I’m really honoured to have won Sales Manager of the Year. I’ve been at Southampton Saab for over 25 years and I couldn’t be happier working here and with a fantastic team of dedicated professionals. Credit has to go to the team for their continued hard work and effort and winning this award is certainly a reflection on their success so I’d like to thank them for all their support.

Sounds like a good place to work and a good bunch of people and I wish them every continued success and a bright future.
Maton also picks up the Saabs United Understatement Of The Month award for this:

Here at the dealership we’re looking forward to a great year ahead and my team and I are hoping that we can make 2010 even more successful than 2009.

Given that the brand was dead for at least two-thirds of 2009, I’d suggest the only way 2010 could be less successful than 2009 is if one defied the laws of nature and turned into a toilet brush.
Congratulations, still, to Mr Maton and here’s to 2010 being a total butt-kicker of a year compared to the year all the pundits in the press thought you might (never) have.

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