Cars from Targa Tasmania 2010 – set 1

It’s been a while since I’ve managed to get some face time with cars from Targa Tasmania. I covered the event quite closely back in 2005 as a friend of mine from Melbourne, Dan, was running his Saab 99Turbo in the event.
For the unfamiliar, Targa Tasmania is a week-long tarmac rally that goes all around the northern half of Tasmania before heading south and finishing in Hobart. Today was Day 1 of the event and this evening, I managed to sneak into the Silverdome in Launceston and snap off some photos of the cars at rest during the public exhibition.
I’ve got nearly 40 photos to share, so I’ll make a few entries out of this to give you some breathing room and I’ll share a few thoughts along the way.
The Silverdome is actually a big indoor velodrome that’s also used for concerts and various displays.
As you can see, it holds a shipload of cars, too, and the racers should be commended for the display – the cars all looked sensational.
Here’s an overview in three panels.

OK, not (just) because I like them, but also because they were the first cars there when I walked in……. here’s some Alfas.
First up, a Spider, which I’m not sure would be the best car for taking on a tarmac rally at speed. But I’m sure they’re enjoying themselves.
Next a 105 series GTV. Not sure which engine this one’s got. Probably a 1750 as they’re the most revered of this lot. Just classical.
And you’ll see a few of these in this collection of images. The GTV6. Definitely the most populous Alfa in the Targa fleet this year.
I was surprised by the number of Porsche 944’s too. Some of you recall that I nearly bought one of these early last year and I’m still quite pleased that I didn’t. But boy, they do look good.
This was the most fascinating car of the night for me. A little Renault Alpine. I’m going to check the standings mid-week and see how it’s doing. Looks absolutely fantastic.
I know VM loves his Lancias, so here’s one I saw tonight (the only one, IIRC). Not quite his vintage, but still…..
Another Alfetta, but a 4cyl one this time, I think.
And I’m not sure what this is, but it’s got face-bending speed written all over it.

More to come shortly……..

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