Cars from Targa Tasmania – set 2

I’d encourage you to hit up Youtube and watch some film from Targa Tasmania. There’s in-car videos there as well as segments of the official Targa videos they make each year with helicopter shots, etc. You’ll see just how good some of our roads are here. It really is a great place to have an event like this and every year it attracts a smattering of international visitors and drivers.
More of the competitors cars. I’m focusing mainly on the Euros.
This BMW, which I’m assuming is a 2002, had a very lively paint scheme, as did another you’ll see in a moment. Very eye-catching.
The event is organised into classes based on the years of vehicles so this would be competing with cars of a similar vintage. For most competitors, the main focus is to complete each timed leg of the course within the time limit set by the organisers, thus earning the team a ‘plate’ at the end of the event. The really serious competitors are aiming to win their class.
At last, some Swedish metal!!!
Unfortunately, all the Swedish metal in this year’s Targa comes from further west than Trollhattan. Must be that RWD thing. There is one Saab in the Targa field, an early 9-5 Aero, but they’re driving in the non-competitive tour event and the car wasn’t on display here tonight.
You can’t walk past a Ferrari and not take a photo…..
And if I’m not mistaken, that’s an autograph by Martin Brundle 🙂
Oh, it seems I was mistaken. It’s actually Murray Walker.
Another Volvo!!!!
The other BMW looking quite smart, though not as smart as the Alfa next to it.
Here’s some American muscle for those who are into such things…..
I’m not a fan of Lamborghinis at all, but I have to admit, they’ve got presence.
Many people come back to do Targa over and over again. This guy’s one of them and it’s one of my favourite Targa cars. I believe it’s a Jensen. I just love it.
Here’s something you don’t see in a competitive tarmac rally event every day. Must handle like a soggy sponge, methinks. But at least they’d be comfortable.
Another Lambo…..
Porsche is without a doubt the most used vehicle in this event – in all but the oldest of vehicle classes. That’s motorsport pedigree for ya.
Lipstick, yes.
Pig? Definitely not.

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