Friday Night Snippets – Saab production edition

I’ve heard from Sweden this week, some more information about Saab’s production schedule in the near term.
It seems they’ll commence production of Saab 9-5s for customer delivery in Week 18, with production ramping up to 39 cars per hour – apparently as high as Saab have ever gone – in Week 23.
The word from Sweden is that there’s a very healthy looking order book already, which is quite encouraging.
There was more talk in Trollhattan’s local newspaper this week about Saab hiring more people. This would be why.
And the increased production at Trollhattan and direct jobs it creates is one thing. The flow-on effect is another. Lear (who make seats for Saab) are also re-hiring 37 people.
Thanks to Justyn and H for the tips.
Our student designer is saying his model is finished!
What about the Laser Red or Snow Silver paint????
Congratulations, fella. Looks fantastic and it’s been great to watch it happen.
As if Jay Leno didn’t have enough rare fast cars.
He’s now snapped up one of just three Koenigsegg Trevitas in existence.
That might just be my favourite supercar of all time.
Good place to open a Saab dealership?
From Tom M, photo taken in Ft Lauderdale, FL.

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