Getting used to Spyker – maybe even liking it…..

This aren’t my words, but they pretty much sum up how I feel, too, and I haven’t even seen or herd one live in front of me yet.
There have been a few Spykers around Trollhattan in recent months and this message arrived in my inbox last night from a mate who lives there.

I’ve been a biiiig sceptic to the looks of the Spyker cars so far….but today i realized something.
Driving home from work when I gotten just a few hundred meters too Erik Carlsson roundabout, there it was in all its black and orange livery. Pictures does not do this car justice…and the sorta awkward angles and airintakes, we’ve discussed to no end when we’ve see pictures posted of it, when you see it live in motion, you just forget….
When Porsches are as interesting as last weeks stale loaf of bread, when Ferraris are waaaay too conventional and Lamborghinis are just too vulgar… Enter, the Spyker…. a sort of connesieur’s choice among Supercars, not the most practial, not the one with the classic heritage or the most testosterone pumped looks.
Kinda like well….a Saab to put it into everyday motoring terms…
Add to this the sound as the car launches itself towards the horizon…. if you have any sort of interest in cars more than the average Toyota owner and you’ll notice yourself smiling from ear to ear.
Spyker C8 Laviolette LM85

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