Grassroots Saab support in Germany

This is a great example of some Saab dealers partnering with some supports with suitable expertise and creating something great to promote their operations.
Many of you will be familiar with the name Ralf22 in comments. Ralf22 is a German Saab nut who runs his own design company. When he spoke with his local Saab dealer about re-launching their web presence and creating something engaging for their customers to look at, they were eager to see what might happen.
The result of all that is SoonSaab.
Here’s how it all happened, according to Ralf22:
– Our German Saab dealer from Mainz wanted us to organize some marketing communications for his Saab Zentrum Mainz, as he likes our work very much.
– We planned and developed the first step of this longtime campaign. SOONTEAM CC realized the whole concept: wording, artwork, production, programming.
– We created the nordic crystal ball compass with green widget glow as “The Saab Symbol of Independence”.
– Saab Germany / DE has been informed by us in advance and they called our concept “… professional and well prepared” … “Thank you for your extraordinary commitment to support SAAB brand in recent months! This is what we need in these times and for this special brand.”
– Then we contacted some of the “real” Saab dealers. Some belong to German Saab pioneers. They liked our campaign very much and wanted to join it. Six of them could reach our short deadline at March 15th.
– First feedback (only nine days since public premiere): Only high praise from customers, dealers and the German Saab area leaders. They all know that lack of big marketing money is a big problem during this first year of independence. Many dealers know that they themselves must become active to survive.
– Next steps of campaign in preparation. (Background PR campaign next week, …, …)
The campaign site is a work in progress.
Your feedback is welcome.

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