Interesting Saab 96 for sale in California

I got an email from a guy named Jerry through the week. He was seeking some more information about a car that owns and is looking to sell.
I don’t normally do ‘for sale’ stuff here, but this seemed to be an interesting one and even if you’re not interested in it as a prospective purchase, you might be able to help out with some information.
I don’t know much about it, so I’ll just post what I received, including some background thoughts he tracked down from Chip Lamb, a legend in the vintage Saab community.
Hi Steven
I own a 1970 Saab Rally. 1 of 150 imported into the U.S.A. It is the original orange color. It is in showroom condition. It has been garaged and has 96k miles.
The badging on fenders and spoiler I added. The rims are from a sonnet as the originals were steel rims. I am looking for a bit more than 12,000 but this gives me a base to determine off of. When I was visiting Trollhatten in the mid 80’s Johann Traumer offered me $8,000 for this car as Saab did not keep one for thier prototype museum, but I was not ready to sell at that time.
Background info received from Chip Lamb:
What’s really interesting is that yours might be the only 1970 model in orange and possibly the car used for promotions. All the other ones I know about (2 other survivors) were 1971 models. Apart from no undercoating and seam-welded joints in the unitbody they were just regular 96es – nothing else. Most of these cars were used as company cars up in CT where they rusted quite quickly due to no undercoating…
The badging on your front fenders is incorrect – the “SAAB” is from a 1973 95/96 or 73-79 99; “Rallye Sport” from a 1970s Renault if memory serves. You should have a continuation of the spears.

If you’re interested, or if you know some more information about this car/model, the feel free to shoot me an email and I’ll forward it on to Jerry.
As mentioned, I don’t normally do ‘for sale’ stuff but this one seems to be a rather rare example. Of course, this isn’t an SU endorsement, however, and you should do your own homework on the car.

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