Just Saab acquire Spyker C8 Spyder

I showed you this photo a few days ago….
Spyker C8
…and I promised to share the story behind it.
This Spyker C8 Spyder has just been acquired by Just Saab, a Saab dealership duo in Ohio, US.
They considered picking one of these up as soon as Spyker were announced as bidding for Saab, but buying a C8 isn’t like heading down to the corner shop for a bottle of milk. It takes a little time.
Anyway, discussions took place at a recent dealer meeting in the US where they got to meet some Spyker representatives, and the end result is the car you see in that photo.
Check out how it was delivered:
I’ve received a few parcels from FedEx in my time, but I’ve never had a whole darn sports car FedEx’d to me. Not that I’d complain, or anything…..
Just Saab are not a Spyker dealer, but just like the guys at Tynans Saab in Colorado, they’re already getting some fantastic comments and discussions happening from having this baby next to the Saab stock in their showroom. And that was the reason for the purchase – to show their support for the acquisition of Saab and to show off what the new entity is making.
Congratulations on the purchase, and thanks to AJ for sending in the images. Click to enlarge.
There’s plenty more after the jump…….


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