Living with a Maptun tune in a Saab 9-5

A few months ago, Maptun offered a special deal on their tuning products for SU readers. I’ve just received an email from one of the guys who took up that offer and got a new Maptuner device for his Saab 9-5 Aero.
I’m keeping his name out of this post, for reasons that will be obvious to those in similar circumstances.
I hope you’ll find it interesting reading.

Greetings. Thanks to you and MapTun for the February S-U special. I have a different car now.
My car is a 2009 9-5 SportCombi with the 2.3T “Aero” gasoline engine and automatic transmission. The stock engine is 260 hp and 258 lb. ft. (~349.8 Nm) torque. The MapTun is a Stage 1 done via the MapTuner. The Stage 1 is rather mild for horsepower but an important boost in torque. The MapTun Stage 1 added 10 HP and around 52 lb. ft. / 70 Nm torque for totals of 270 bhp and 420 Nm (~309.8 lb. ft.) torque. This is about a 20% torque increase. MapTun confirmed that the automatic transmission torque is capped at 420 Nm.
I applied the tune 3 weeks ago. I have made regular highway and street commutes plus one long trip. I have observed a +2 MPG improvement in fuel economy in *both* highway and street driving. The highway fuel economy improvement is validated both by numbers in the SID and by calculating at-the-pump using miles driven divided by gallons put in the tank. The street driving fuel economy is validated primarily by numbers in the SID with some at-the-pump observations.
With the tune, I am now getting around 29 MPG highway on the SID and between 24 – 26 MPG on the SID in the specific mixed street driving that I do. This street driving has a bit of highway in it. The at-the-pump numbers are 0.5 to 2 MPG lower than the SID depending on amount of street driving but are still +2 MPG better than before the tune. Before the tune, I used to get around 27 MPG highway and 22 – 24 MPG in my specific mixed street driving.
My family and I recently had to take a significant highway trip in the vehicle. Six days and about 2000 miles round trip. My wife commented that she is no longer getting car sickness. The improved torque delivery at lower RPMs has removed an annoying forward to rear rocking motion the car would exhibit before tuning. I would often be running with cruise control. The stock engine tuning would allow the car to slow and then run the engine up to a higher RPM to gain speed. This would rock the car and set off my wife’s motion sickness.
MapTun’s email support has been fast and attentive. The Stage 1 tune has not tripped ESP or the torque limiter. With the benefits to fuel economy and passenger comfort, I would recommend the tune and do not plan to remove the tune. I haven’t mentioned “sporty driving.” I’ve been cautious. To paraphrase a Jeremy Clarkson-ism “I have enough torque to tear a hole in time.” The car feels more solid. Engine and speed come up with less drama. I no longer have to thrash the accelerator as much or sweat passing situations, especially on hilly roads.
Thank you and Happy Saab-ing,

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