Monday morning snippets

The rest of Australia has a day off today whilst the engine room of the nation’s economy – Tasmania (OK, I’m joking) – is still hard at work. Grrrrrr.
There are some more great photos of the Springtime in Sweden gathering held over the weekend, here on Flickr.
The design student we’ve been watching is getting closer to finishing his Saab design project. It’s looking good!
Someone is justifiably proud of their new 9000 Aero….
There’s some fascinating reading over at Business Week about the car manufacturing capacity being built up in China at the moment. It seems everyone is building new plants over there.
Of course, over-capacity in the market place was one of the reasons people gave as to why Saab should be left to die. It seems the auto executives agree with me though: why should my company be the one to go in the event of over-capacity. The one to go should be the one building cars that can’t find a market.
As long as Saab build cars that can find a market, they’ll be OK.
William L went along to the Gothenburg Auto Show on the weekend and was a little disappointed by the size of the Saab stand there. They had a Saab 9-3x, a 9-3 convertible in TX trim as well as the new Saab 9-5 V6 there.
I can see what he means. Gothenburg probably isn’t a major show on their calendar, but when you consider that one of Saab’s main tasks is to win back past customers at the moment…..
Big congratulations to a mate of mine in Sydney, known here at SU as Hawkeye, on the birth of the his son Curtis earlier this month. Here he is safe and sound in Mum’s 9-3.
I’ve heard from the President of the Saab Car Club of Australia that Curtis has been granted free membership of the club – until he reaches driving age 🙂

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