More of Ed Gray’s ‘Sixten 92010’ compact Saab concept

I’ve received another image from AMS, showing another view of his Sixten 92001 Saab concept vehicle.
There’s also some text about the concept I received directly from the man himself, Ed Gray.

When Sixten Sason drafted the lines for the original 92001 Saab, he created an icon that would engage the emotions, and in doing so created a tradition that would carry the brand into the future. The “92010 Sixten” concept echoes these legendary lines and reinterperets them in a design language that is both modern and familiar to the Saab brand.
The 92010 Sixten concept is a design born of the input and desires of enthusiasts around the world. Gathering feedback from diverse interviews, viewpoints on forums and blogs, and the opinions of leading car magazines, a design was created that tries to satisfy these various wishes whilst being harmonious in form.
Built as a three-door, four-seater compact hatchback, and running on Saabs new hybrid powertrain, the 92010 Sixten is styled to project the traditional sporting image whilst exuding an air of exclusivity that is becoming synonymous with the Saab brand.


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