New York Auto Show – Initial thoughts

Jeff attended the New York International Auto Show on behalf of Saabs United and he’s posted his first full entry over at the SaabsUnitedNY website, which I’ve reproduced below.
There are also photo galleries that he’ll be filling up soon.
I’d advise you get hooked up with the SaabsUnitedNY RSS feed and that way you’ll get updates as they happen and a little before they show here on the SU main page.

SaabStandNY.jpg One thing that can’t be said enough about Saab is that the company is defined by the people who it employs. That may be true for most organizations, but it’s especially true for a company who when most had written its obituary, still had strong management and leaders who could steer through the storm.
The story of Saab’s rebirth as an independent company was so dramatic and unfolded so cinematically that to meet its major players, namely Saab management and Victor Muller, was for me like meeting A-list celebrities. We all watched as Djup Str

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