Ny Teknik: Saab had to foot the bill for the BLS

You know, there was a time last year (like, all of it) when I felt like I truly hated General Motors. As the sale was negotiated, fell apart and Saab’s very future involved guillotines, windmills and other bad things, the clouds in my mind only got darker.

Funny how a good outcome can clear the mind and I’ve not given GM much thought since. This article, in today’s NyTeknik, hasn’t taken me back to those dark places. In fact, now I just sigh and think “typical”.

The Googletrans:

It cost the Saab more than a billion to develop and produce the Cadillac BLS. The car became a financial fiasco and a personal setback for General Motors model officer and alderman Bob Lutz. But headquarters in Detroit did not pay the bill for failure. It was forced to make Saab in Trollhättan.

This revealed Saab Director Jan Åke Jonsson, in connection with the trade association BIL Sweden’s voice in the week.

It was in July 2003 by Bob Lutz and other GM management gave Saab mission to develop a new version of the 9-3 that would be sold under the brand Cadillac. The aim was to strengthen the position of Cadillac luxury car in the European market. A version with four doors presented in 2006 and was followed by years of a combination. But demand was minimal, the European general agent (Kroymans Corporation) went bankrupt and ceased production 2009th

Sales reached only ten percent of the target and the party cost more than a billion crowns.

-Guess who took the bill, “said Jan Åke Jansson with a wry smile.

He believes that there are many advantages to now be free from GM. Among other things, less red tape, the freedom to self-build the brand and control over cash flow.

But of course there were also advantages of being a GM family. Among other things, owns Saab now highly modern and profoundly effective manufacturing and development facilities.

Yeah, we can thank them for some things, but there’s so much more to be happy about and that’s all to do with separation.

The BLS was good for two things. This, for starters. And some flow-on improvements in NVH for the 9-3 after the BLS was done.

Thanks to Lennart for the tip.

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