One good thing about the New York Auto Show

Consumer Reports had a little column earlier this week that got me thinking….

As I wandered the show floor yesterday, I was 1) Surprised to see that Saab had space; 2) Surprised to see a new 2011 model-year 9-5 on display; and 3) Surprised that Saab didn’t even schedule a press conference. I mean, if you have a new car, why not talk about it? Even though it had been shown previously, this would have been a grand opportunity to discuss the car and the company’s status before a major media audience.

That’s right. Saab didn’t have a press conference.
And the great thing, despite what CR say there towards the end, is that Saab has been quite prominent in the news. From the New York Auto Show. All week. Without doing a press conference.
Just because they’re there.
Now that’s a sign that the industry is willing this company on to do something great, isn’t it?

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