Saab 9-5 preliminary information – Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) with Stop & Go

Coverage of some of the equipment in the new Saab 9-5 continues. It’s time to take a peek at the Adaptive Cruise Control system.
Please note, once again, that this preliminary information is for certain European markets and may not be applicable to where you are (though most of it will).

Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) is the top level cruise control system providing the driver an additional convenience feature. When cruise speed is set and the car approaches slower traffic, it automatically adapts to the speed of the cars in front, between 0 and 180 km/h.
Additionally a Forward Collision Alert (FCA) is included that provides warning in case the distance to the car in front becomes too short.

  • The system employs a long range 77 GHz radar that with detection range of up to 180 meters
  • After the system is activated and the speed set, the system is able to comfortably follow a lead vehicle up to 180 km/h
  • The system is able to comfortably follow the lead vehicle down to a gentle stop, holding the brakes without driver assistance
  • After vehicle has automatically stopped, the driver can resume system by tapping the accelerator. Automatic cruise will resume with previously used settings
  • System provides feedback to the driver with icons in main instrument and HUD to indicate system is tracking and safely following (in addition to other system status information)
  • In case the distance to the lead vehicle becomes too short, a visual and audible warning is provided.


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