Saab 9-5 preliminary information – Bi-Xenon SmartBeam headlamps

The next generation Hella Vario Xenon system will be offered on the new Saab 9-5. This system is the most advanced headlamp system in the industry. The vehicle adapts to the driving situation to enable excellent light performance. Input for changing modes is speed, radius and time.
In addition during MY11, a High Beam Assist is included. This automatically switches from high beam down to low beam when meeting oncoming traffic or approaching a slower vehicle. The driver can maximise driving with high beam on and no need to “fiddle” with the light stalk.
The system provides increased forward lighting at night by an automated high beam control through the use of a digital camera . This camera detects vehicle specific light and ambient light (oncoming and leading traffic). Depending on the light level the system switches high beams on and off. It switches to low beams until:

  • -the preceding or approaching vehicle is out of view
  • -the ambient light level allows high beam usage

In the new 9-5, during MY11 high beam assist is standard with Bi-Xenon Smart beam (but not available with Lane Departure warning)
System is optional for all forms. Requires Auto dimming inside mirror and Rain sensor
Light modes

  1. Town light – at 0-50km/h
  2. Country light – at 50-100km/h
  3. Motorway light – at >100km/h
  4. Adverse weather light – Wiper/rainsensor

Town Light
This feature will be automatically activated in situation with ambient light and vehicle speeds situated up to 50 km/h. Town-light is wide and without asymmetry, adjusted to lighted town roads.
The illumination is significantly broadened so that pedestrians and objects situated on every side of the road can be better and earlier recognized. The special beam pattern has been designed to avoid glare affecting other traffic participants.

  • Wide spread light pattern specially for urban road / intersections / pedestrians.
  • Short range due to low speeds.
  • No glare of other traffic.

Country Light
Country light is relatively similar to the current low-beam but uses new possibilities to improve the illumination of the road and the side areas when driving overland. In addition to the longer illumination of the driver’s own lane, the oncoming traffic will be de-glared. Country Light is activated between 50 and 100 km/h.
A special feature is the improved illumination of the area beside the road so that dangers (e.g. deer) will be recognized early.

  • Improved visibility on left and right side.
  • Improved visibility range, minimizing glare for oncoming traffic.

Motorway Light
The aim of the motorway light is to bring an illumination adapted to the higher speed driven on motorway. Due to the fact that there is no directly oncoming traffic, the viewing distance on the own side of the motorway has been increased. The visibility range rises from 70m to 140m so that very distant objects can be recognized across the entire width of the road. There is no drawback for road-users that have been passed.
Safety and driving comfort are considerably improved. Motorway Light is activated above 100 km/h with a steady driving pattern.

Adverse Weather Lighting
The adverse weather light is activated at rain and snowfall and is controlled by the wiper, rain sensor or rear foglamp.
The wide light distribution -slightly swiveled to the outside -enables improved orientation at the edge of the road. The intensity of the light in the far distance is increased in order to recognize objects and markings on the right road side and obstacles on the lane despite the weather condition. Additionally, dazzling of oncoming traffic is reduced by lowering of reflection on the wet road.

  • Increased safety during rain, snow and fog.
  • Reduced glare for oncoming traffic.

Dynamic Bend Lighting
The dynamic bending light is controlled via the steering angle and is activated automatically whilst the vehicle is in motion. During this, the projector of the main headlamp swivels.
Depending on the direction of travel, the speed of the swiveling is adjusted automatically to the speed of the vehicle. This happens with the AFL-light modes and the high-beam lighting functions as they are all realized by the same projector which includes a drum responsible for the different light distribution.

Hi-Beam Auto On/Off
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