Saab 9-5 preliminary information – Chassis

Following on from earlier information, we now have some information on the chassis of the new Saab 9-5.
Please note that this information is still preliminary and may be subject to some change. It is based on a European market segment but contains information that will be applicable to most markets.
Main points…..

  • Very competitive ride and handling enabled by three different front and rear suspension combinations offered in base and sport versions
  • First Saab application of Real Time Damping (RTD)�First Saab application of Real Time
  • DriveSense allows the driver to change the damping, steering, rear axel drive torque, pedal map and AT shift points in various modes
  • For optimum steering effort at both low and high speed Variable Effort Steering (VES) is offered
  • Industry leading XWD with optional eLSD for ultimate performance

The details….
Saab Sports Chassis
The Sport chassis is optional on FWD version and standard on XWD versions and features:

  • 10 mm lowered ride height for lower centre of gravity
  • Larger diameter stabilizer bar for reduced roll angles
  • Increased spring stiffness for higher response and limited body motion
  • Firmer tuned Shock absorbers for improved body control
  • Top mount with increased lateral stiffness for better response and on center steering feel and precision
  • The optional 18″-19″ wheels are fitted with high performance low profile tires

The sporty tuned 10mm lowered chassis provides a clearly overall enhanced stability, cornering and body control. The higher steering response and the improved on-center steering feel with better precision gives the New Saab 9-5 the sporty performance for a true Fun To Drive experience.

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