Saab 9-5 preliminary information – DriveSense

Engage all of your senses
DriveSense allows the driver to change the chassis characteristics between 3 different modes:
9-5_gear_shift.jpg Comfort – Maximum comfort settings and Minimum body excitations. Is set for best fuel economy, smooth pedal characteristics and optimized balance between handling and ride comfort with focus on a smoother ride in rougher road conditions.
Intelligent – Monitors the car’s performance characteristics and simultaneously adjusts for optimized Performance. Detects driver behavior and adjusts accordingly.
Sport – Provides a very sporty and responsive performance. The involved functions are accelerator pedal mapping, shift pattern for automatic transmission, maximized wheel and body control, increased steering efforts as well as maximized rear axle drive torque resulting in a more nimble, responsive and fun to drive experience.
User Benefits:

  • Driver can change car characteristics individually
  • Offer the driver excellent driving dynamics


  • Better control and handling during lane changes
  • Continuous adjustment in real time
  • Faster steering response


  • Comfortable and relaxed travelling
  • Driving with reduced vibrations
  • Optimal damping on all street profiles


  • Optimal vehicle control in critical driving situations
  • Shorter braking distances thanks to better road contact
  • Increased vehicle stability
  • Optimized road contact


  • Optional all forms, all engines (excl. 2.0TiD 160hp, 1.6T 180hp)
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