Saab 9-5 preliminary information – infotainment system

I’m not a big fan of the word ‘infotainment’. It conjures up visions of 30-minute late night ‘infomercials’ and things.

Be that as it may, the 9-5 information continues, with this.

Please note, once again, that this preliminary information is for certain European markets and may not be applicable to where you are (though most of it will).


The all new infotainment system starting point of a new era

  • Standard radio with CD monochrome display
  • Standard 9 speaker sound system
  • Optional harman/kardonbranded true 5.1 surround sound as top-of line offer
  • Standard AUX input and optional USB connector for mp3/iPod player sound and control
  • Optional 8″ touch screen navigation system with hard disk drive for map data and 10 GB music jukebox
  • Bluetooth based hands-free calling
  • Optional dual 8″ screens rear seat entertainment system


EU map coverage includes the following: Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Monaco, Norway, Portugal, San Marino, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, The Netherlands, United Kingdom, Northern Ireland, Vatican City State


Automatically connects a bluetooth-enabled phone with the infotainment system. Allows the user to operate the phone with the buttons on the steering wheel or by voice control. Also integrates phone book from phone into the car, for easy accessible contacts.

A similar system as can be found in today´s 9-3, but with improved functionality and sound quality. Phone functionality will differ between phone models (often depending on phone software version) but the system will always be able to connect, and handle inbound and outbound calls. Phone book integration may vary between phones.


Premium Sound System – A high performing entry sound system with 9 speakers. Includes a center speaker and rear door tweeters to give you a complete sound system experience.


harman/kardon Surround Sound System – A high powered, highly advanced 11 speaker sound system with dedicated surround speakers and subwoofers. The system is capable of delivering true 5.1 Surround if combined with the Saab Infotainment Navigation head unit.


Additionally equipped with HK Surround™ technology that will let you experience a surround sound from 2 channel tracks (CD/DVD , AUX/USB , DAB , HDD*)

*HDD (Hard Disk Drive) for MP3 storage and playback available only with SAAB Infotainment Navigation

Rear seat passengers have audio controls and can choose any source not used in front seat.

  • DVD inserted in IP or via RSE
  • AUX inputs from stand alone
  • DVD / Camera / game console
  • Audio via wireless headphones.

Rear Seat Audio (RSA)

  • Radio (AM, FM, XM or DAB), CD, DVD, HDD, AUX, USB
  • Different source than used in the car sound system
  • Example 1: FM radio in car sound system e.g. FM radio in RSA can’t be selected
  • Example 2: FM radio in car sound system e.g. CD in RSA can be selected
  • Controlled via RSA unit
  • Sound through wired headphones (not included)

Rear Seat Entertainment (RSE)

  • DVD inserted into High Nav
  • RSE AUX video and audio inputs on rear side center console. For e.g. stand alone DVD player, game console, TV tuner, etc
  • Sources can independently by select for left and right screen
  • Controlled on radio faceplate or via remote control
  • Audio through wireless headphones (included)


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