‘Saab 92’ concept work from Ed Gray.

Last time we saw some of Ed Gray’s work, it was the Saab Spyker 9+ Concept vehicle, a car conceived to celebrate the union of two design icons.
This month, Ed Gray has some new designs showing over at Auto Motor and Sport and they’ve given me the OK to show them off here as well.
Ed has taken up Victor Muller’s idea of a compact vehicle that pays homage to Saab’s past with a swooping shape, but still incorporates some of Saab’s new design DNA.
This is a compact Saab design that has me genuinely excited. It’s definitely an interpretation of the design brief that I could sink my teeth into.
Ed calls it the 92,010 Sixten, a tribute to the original Saab 92001 and the legendary Saab designer, Sixten Sason.
Click to enlarge a little.
There are more images, and enlargeable ones, too, over at Auto Motor and Sport.

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